Cost: C – 130 Packs
Difficulty: D – Know your matchups and win conditions
Best Matchup: Madparty or Mew3 Decks
Worst Matchup: Lucario & Melmetal Decks (LMZ)

Todays deck we are looking at is Urshipult, a favourite of mine that can make full use of its tool kit to set up checkmate very quickly! Lets break it down.

Urshipults gameplan for 90% of the matchups is to go 1st, get Dragapult V and ideally Urshifu V on the bench with a jirachi in the active spot and an energy attached to dragapult, from there you want to on turn 2 attach and evolve dragapult into a vmax and start setting up the math! 120 HP remaining on 2 V/GX pokemon while K.Oing their active with dragapult sets you up for an ez G-Max Rapid Flow for game. This plan is what you want to work towards most of the time.

Some matchups do require a different play style to have a better chance at winning, like vs Eternatus VMAX we never want to bench a dragapult, just focus on chaining Urshifu attacks, that said late game u can slowly set up a dragapult that can win the game after Urshifu is k.oed but only go this path if u know u have game set up. When facing Altaria/Decidueye you want to focus on shred with horror energy attached to you Dragapult Vmax, this means if they hit into the horror energy once you will 2 shot them with shred and they will never have the chance to chain attackers and you will eventually take control and win.

With a deck like Urshipult that runs 2 different VMAXs with energy requirements the deck can get bricky and often the main gameplan doesnt happen or worse……crushing hammers… when this happens is when you switch gears and on turn 2 evolve your Urshifu VMAX and start swinging for 150 with it while setting up a Dragapult Vmax to clean up afterwards.

We also run some interesting tech cards, let me explain those!

Giratina is great when dealing with special energy, especially in the mirror when you can play it twice thanks to discard 2 special energy off their active Dragapult Vmax which seals the deal nicely and if Eternatus thinks that their weak guard energy will save them from being consumed by your Urshifu….yeah nah mate.

Mewtwo is for getting back key supporters like Marnie or Boss for setting up game next turn and because the supporter is placed onto the top of your deck a Jirachi can stellar wish to grab it or you can just leave it on top knowing if your opponent plays Marnie you will still have that boss for game.

Mimikyu is a great addition to the team, locking down GX pokemon with abilities it can shut off mew3s, you can ping your opponents Jirachi GX with Zigzagoon and then play down Mimikyu so you can hit into their Urshifu or Mew3 for weakness or vs baby blown decks you can shut off their Oricorio GX then Marnie them so its extremely difficult for them to get the return k.o! Tool scrapper is in to help deal with any stealthy hoods.

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