Cake Rider

Cost: D – 170 Packs
Difficulty: A – Great new deck to start with
Best MatchupRapid Urshifu, Mew3 Varients
Worst MatchupBaby Blacephalon


Hello one and all, today we are looking in depth into one of my favourite decks in the Chilling reign format and that is Shadow Rider Calyrex Vmax with Alcremie Vmax aka Cake Rider.

Idea for this deck is simple, get your vmax’s out asap and turn 2 use Alcremie Vmax attack Adornment to load the field with energy then continue to power out energy with Shadow Rider Calyrex vmax ability Underworld Door then either swing with shadow Rider or Alcremie for massive damage. Ideally we want to choose to go first however if we are made to go second we can get Cresselia out to help load energy onto the field giving us a chance to swing for big numbers turn 2.

Also in the list we are running two energy recycler to return energy we discard with Alcremie vmax attack G-Max Whisk (60x the amount of energy you discard from your pokemon), Viridian Forest to help find energy, Marshadow to help crack Path to the Peaks and then everything else is pretty much about being consistent with your set up and execution.

Cake Rider doesnt have the tricks that some of the other Shadow Rider decks have which does make it easier to play but easier play against, this however doesnt change the fact that its hella fun to play!

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