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Once I submit my codes, what next?

Once your codes are sent to our email, they are checked and then payment is made to your preferred payment method provided. You can check the process by going to the ‘My Account’ tab from the menu. You can expect to see payment within 6-48hours.

Are the rates on the app what I expect to get paid?

We will try and make sure all emails are processed before any adjustments to prices to help you better understand what your return will be. There may be some circumstances where this will not be true, but we always make our rates the best possible.

Are my details protected?

The only information saved with the app can be found in your “My Account” tab. No personal information is sold or distributed to anyone outside of our app and is only collected to ensure safe payments can be made. Your details can be edited and deleted at anytime.

Why does this app raise money for Beyond Blue?

The team behind Wild’s Depo, with the help of Pokemon TCG Trade & Sales Australia constantly try and help this support organization as it has helped some of our members deal with mental health. And sadly, as we continue to struggle through this pandemic, someone you know might need help in the future!

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